Google+ Pages in WordPress

From today on, Google+ pages are available to everyone, and if you want to integrate your newly created corporate page in WordPress, you already have an option, let’s see them …

The first is to use the codes offered by the Google+ social network , through which you can add icons to your site that link to your Google Plus page, so that your readers can also follow you on this growing social network.

To do this, you must go to the configuration page, of the type (the number changes, it is the one of your page) and choose the code that best suits your site. And yes, I know that what you would like the most would be to use an iframe to put your page activity in a widget but it is not available yet so for now, just touch the icon.

The other option is to use the Google+ plugin which, today, has included integration with pages. To use it with pages you just have to install the latest version and, in the settings, add the ID (the URL numbering) of your page in the corresponding box.

Then you can add a new widget in which you can show an icon to your page on Google+ , as well as some text of your choice. I know that it is not much but it is what Google Plus offers us at the moment.

What Google does recommend is that you add a code to your site so that the cross-references and the connection between your website and Google+ work , which would be of the type …

(again, the number must be changed to the one on your page)

Oh, of course, WordPress Help is already on Google+

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